Solid CAD modeling in your browser, with a CoffeeScript based syntax (and lots more !)

CoffeeSCad v0.3 (pre alpha) is out!

Take it for a a spin here

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Design Anywhere

Fire up any modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc ) anywhere, and start designing!

Friendly language

CoffeeSCad , as its name might imply, let's you design 3d content using CoffeeScript a highly intuitive language , that compiles to Javascript, with a syntax similar to Python

Optional online storage

You can also store your designs online (currently supporting Dropbox), so you can access them from any browser, anywhere.

Open source

CoffeeSCad is a free and open source software released under the MIT Licence.

Export it, print it

CoffeeSCad can export to the stl file format for 3d printing (amongst others) Or export your project's bill of Material to the json file format, for sharing and reuse of designs. More formats to come!

Code Editor

CoffeeSCad has a full featured code editor with syntax highlighting, search and replace, multiple files support, code linting (quality indicators) etc

This is a "bare bones" site, Lots more soon !